Summer 2017, Ages 8-14
June 25-July 1 & July 30-August 5
(Pairs nicely with Harry Potter Camps)

Leavenworth, WA

NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE, a 501(c)3 Federal non-profit is pleased to offer scholarship tuition rate opportunities for as low as $750 per week. 

5th year anniversary Growth Mindset scholarship/grants: Through the generosity of the BERMAN FAMILY FOUNDATION as a way to celebrate their son Jacob’s dream to establish Camp Demigod when he was 9, the week June 26-July 1 Camp Half-Blood tuition is $725.  To qualify, campers family's must be new and follow the directions set forth in the following link.

DAY CAMPS, 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday, Scholarship Tuition Rate as low as $350 per week.

WELCOME to Overnight Camp Half-Blood!

Ages 8-14

Overnight Camp Half-Blood's location and environment brings Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series  to life through quests which play out through the week starting in the rustic demigod cabins, and traversing through the Wenatchee River banks, trails, and cliffs. Demigod's are forewarned that Mount Olympus and the House of Hades is waiting for their visit and the monsters may be waking up from their winter hibernation in the Point Roberts Camp to fiercely greet them this summer in Leavenworth, WA. We have designed Camp Demigod so that your child can enjoy multiple weeks with different themes and common core of STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT. 

Camps run from Sunday through Saturday.  Saturday family tenting available each Saturday night.

Percy Jackson (Keith Caram - Played "Percy" in Off-Broadway Touring Show, Lightening Thief)
Percy comes from New York City to teach Demigods about tactics and combat training!  Campers make armor, swords and other weapons which they will master through the expertise of our swordsmen and swordswomen.
Following the adrenaline rush from the day's quests and busy slate of innovation and creative activities (art, music, drama), the nights will be spent keeping watch on the Camp and deciphering clues for the next day. Bon fires and healthy desserts  along with board games such as Magic, Dungeons & Dragons and discussions of Ancient Greece and Greek mythology both in English and the Greek language will fill the evenings. Another amazing part of the Camp after the claiming ceremony includes your demigod realizing their godly parent for the week where they discuss their quests, share common interests and create memories of a lifetime (laughter filled conversations under the stars and planets above is also part of the fun).

Camp Demigod is operated and led by world class faculty.  Camp Founders, Dr. Steven Lee Berman and Anne Deane Berman, PhD have been awarded three Summer of Innovation Awards by NASA, among many others.  Camp Demigod is located in a uniquely beautiful, natural and rustic environment and serves as an oasis for your child to explore their inner world, strengthen their confidence, and recognize their unique abilities through interaction with a community of their peers as they develop as mentors and leaders. Camp Demigod campers enjoy journeys and quests with each other especially since they feel safe exchanging their thoughts, designs, creations and passions while making a meaningful difference in the world, and having FUN. 
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