Summer 2017, Ages 13-17
July 16-July 29 (1-2 week sessions)
Leavenworth, WA
OVERNIGHT CAMPS: NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE, a 501(c)3 Federal non-profit is pleased to offer scholarship tuition rate opportunities for as low as $750 per week. 

Special register by June 10: 1) Sign up for two weeks with the first at prevailing rates and receive a voucher for $500 off of prevailing maximum tuition rate.  $1350 for first week and $850 for 2nd week (except for family's whose circumstances mandate a weekly $750 rate, for example, to help our Canadian friends with the exchange rate and for financial need). First 10 registrants receive a free Olivanders Wand.

WELCOME to Demigod Institute!

Ages 13-17

The Demigod Institute Camp focuses on advanced innovation, stem and humanities subjects with interesting faculty and guest speakers. This will also serve as a week of portfolio project planning and creation. Demigod Institute is more of an IB/university level week of learning, designing and creating.

Demigod Institute Campers palettes’ range from science fiction and fantasy, often referred to as speculative fiction, to steampunk where 21st century technologies are re-imagined in the 19th century. They are also passionate about quests and stories which allow them to take journeys through different cultures and times, and fields which define human origins, behavior and thought embodied in anthropology, archaeology, and ethnographics, to name a few.  Many campers focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking.

Perhaps one of the most striking common threads our Camp Demigod Campers share is that they have amazing imaginations which allow them to mash up several different themes, intertwine current and futurist thinking with Victorian and other historical settings and inspirationally fuse original ideas with those flowing from literature and media. This provides a basis for infatiguable discussion and often a flow of expressive works in the form of improv, creative writing, music, games and film, among others. These discussions and creative works often lead to a championing of unique experiences for which Camp Demigod serves as a crucible and catalyst. 

Camp Demigod is operated and led by world class faculty.  Camp Founders, Dr. Steven Lee Berman and Anne Deane Berman, PhD have been awarded three Summer of Innovation Awards by NASA, among many others.    
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Institute students work with Virtual Reality tools including the Microsoft VIVE.
Kirsten Morozov
Research, Literacy, Technology 
(Demigod Institute)
Kirsten Morozov has a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology/archaeology, which included many classical studies courses, as well as a Bachelor of Education (the Fine Arts and New Media cohort), both from the University of British Columbia. She also earned a Master of Education in Teacher-librarianship from the University of Alberta. 

After working in the business world, Kirsten joined an independent International Baccalaureate World School in Vancouver BC in 2002, teaching from kindergarten through to grade 12. 

Her main roles now are that of the grades 6-12 teacher-librarian and Extended Essay coordinator. The Extended Essay is a rigorous 4000-word research paper in an academic subject area written during grades 11-12, and is a requirement for IB Diploma graduation. 

Kirsten is a mom of demi-gods; a Jane of all trades and master of none; and she enjoys geeking out with a trifecta of research, literacy, and technology.