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Job Openings

Leavenworth, WA: NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE, presents the World's First Overnight Half-Blood, Harry Potter, Fandom (ages 8-17) and XGENS International Model United Nations Academy and professional development for ages 12-30.

Dates: June 22 - August 10, 2019 Located in the Cascade Mountains 2 hours East of Seattle, near the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, WA

Camp Counselors & Young Scholars (adults, ages 18-22) Room, Board, Weekly Stipend, university & professional recommendations provided after successful completion of work period.  All tuition is waived: Counselors and CITs are expected to develop their interests through semi-private or private lessons from the Directors and Faculty.  

Camp Counselors-in-Training (ages 15-17) Reduced Costs for Tuition, Room & Board, Community Service Credit & university & professional recommendations provided after successful completion of internship period.  Tuition for semi-private lessons is waived: Counselors and CITs are expected to develop their interests through semi-private or private lessons from the Directors and Faculty.  Depending on experience select CIT may receive tuition remission and/or a weekly stipend.

Medical Intern (Medical or Nursing student, Recent Graduate or Nurse Practioner Graduate Student) Room, Board, Weekly Stipend & professional recommendations.

​Culinary student(s) and Professional Chefs feed up to 30 adults and children as part of an overnight camp and Model United Nations international program for high school and college students.  Room, Board, Weekly Stipend & professional recommendations.

How to Apply: 

1) CITs ONLY (ages 15-17) Register HERE with a refundable $150 application fee and fill out the following questions at the end of the application:


1) While the application provides space for you to describe your work experience, please feel free to email your resume to and (not mandatory).  Please include a cover letter.

2) Applicants will interview with Camp Demigod leadership, Drs. Anne and Steve Berman using WhatsApp, SKYPE or Facebook Messenger.

3) If selected for the position, the final step is to pass a criminal record check.

4) Once adult candidates accept the position, you will be asked to sign DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE waivers (photo release, behavioral code of conduct, waive and release of liability, social media, and non-disclosure agreement).

Camp Description:

“Excellent literature, especially from the sci-fi and fantasy realms, leads to discovery of the self and externally, enhances critical and design thinking, innovation, fosters empathy and serves as a foundation in unlocking the mysteries of the world in which we live.”  


NASA award winning  DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE’s Innovation & Literary Camp Demigod has, for 6 years, embraced all of these ideals nurturing a safe, intellectually stimulating environment, where youth are empowered to change the world as they explore and learn about their own internal magical qualities. This process invites and fosters collaboration among like-minded peers on novel projects including prototype inventions, short stories, plays, music, theatrical performances, quest and adventure design, old and new versions of sport including Quidditch, and so much more. As a result, these DIGIVATORS succeed in their life pursuits ranging from a more powerful embrace of offerings of their existing community and school (STEM, Drama, Music, Sports), EQ-Social Activity and friendship, as well as college and early career development ranging from entrepreneurship to healthcare, among others.

Demigods are Immersed in Innovation & Literary CAMP DEMIGOD's activity modules in Ancient Cultures/Greek, Sci-Tech & Engineering, Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Theater, Swordplay, Quidditch and Capture the Flag on a magical 23 acre mountain paradise. International faculty specialize in various knowledge domains including STEM Disciplines such as Advanced Technologies and Applications including Virtual & Augmented Reality, Synthetic Biology, Genetics, and Design Thinking; ARTS & HUMANITIES: Creative Writing, Visual & Performance, Music, as well as MOVEMENT: Theatrical Combat, Hiking, Quidditch, Capture the Flag and beach time.

DIGIVATIONS' career development programming enables advanced high school and college students to receive mentorship and leadership training from the INSTITUTE's network of global academics, business leaders, artists and innovative entrepreneurs who facilitate life long learning, professional development and career opportunities.  Camp Demigod's world-class Directors, Advisors and Faculty have between 20-30 years of distinguished service and subject matter expertise in their respective fields:  creative writing, design thinking, film, humanities (ancient civilizations, anthropology, ethnographics, mythology, languages, among others), innovation, martial arts, music, STEM, and theatre/theatrical combat.  


Counselors, CITs and Young Scholars

General Job Duties:
Responsibilities for Counselors, Young Scholars and CITs include minding the health and safety of younger campers ages 9-12 and 13-17 (Counselors only), as well as assisting Senior Faculty with art, creative writing, drama, academic pursuits, and theatrical combat depending on the Counselor’s interest.  Counselors supervise their cabin and oversee the morning/rest hour/bedtime routines. On a rotating basis CITs help prepare food and oversee campers serving meals, oversee dish and campus clean up.  They assist with sports (hiking, Quidditch, Capture the Flag and river play).  Depending on their skill set, Counselor and CITs manage games (LEGO serious play, D&D, Magic the card game, Virtual Realty experiences-Oculus Rift/VIVE); assist with camp performances of new theatrical experiences and quest preparations (developing story-line, assisting with the design of costumes and weapon design); and organize weekly dances.    

Essential Job Functions (Camp Demigod Counselor - CITs Assist):
  1. Assist Directors and Senior Faculty in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in their cabins, within daily academic classes (Innovation Class, Art, Music or Theater Classes, depending on the interests of the Counselor), recreational activities (ie. quests, town and river time), and throughout the camp experience;
  2. Encourage campers’ collaboration and social growth;
  3. Assure campers are properly supervised at all times and implement safety guidelines;
  4. Participate in the creation, organization and implementation of daily camp activities;
  5. Responsible for assisting in teaching and facilitating classes in a variety of subjects depending on skill (capture the flag, quidditch, theatrical combat, fine art, theatre, Greek mythology, Quest planning, rocketry, STEM, Innovation classes, film, weapon building, campfire activities, etc.);
  6. Serve as a leader and role model to maintain the highest standards of health, safety and hygiene for all campers and staff;
  7. Oversee the daily care of each camper in your cabin, and closely monitoring the personal health and hygiene needs of each camper (sleeping, eating, bathing and handwashing, etc.);
  8. Serve as a role model to campers and staff in your attitude, behavior and problem solving;
  9. Participate enthusiastically in all camp activities and actively volunteer your assistance to help other staff at all times;
  10. Serve as a mentor and leader for all CITs;
  11. Assist in set up, the closing, and cleaning of camp facilities; actively participate in daily camp organizational/cleaning duties (some cooking, overseeing student dish crews, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and more. 
  12. Know, understand and carry out emergency procedures as stated in staff manual.

To be considered for our team you should: 
  • Enjoy working with children and youth ranging in age from 8 to 17;
  • Work hard and enjoy collaborating and working with others;
  • Pursue multi-disciplinary interests and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), ARTS, MUSIC, HUMANITIES or THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE;
  • Be highly motivated to contribute in a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on environment and enthusiastic about changing your life and others' lives by participating in a team environment led by world class directors who create uniquely positive experiences;
  • Take and give directions well and have a positive attitude keeping in mind that every task whether mundane or challenging is important to an organization and the people involved;
  • Enjoy learning and applying skills and new knowledge in creative ways: designing and making projects including innovative device prototypes and world building through stories, music, live performances, theatrical sets, costumes and weapons, and quests;
  • Develop and apply mentorship and leadership skills to solve a variety of challenges ranging from social/soft skills needed to assist campers to acquire new talents and knowledge, which are applied in interesting and fun ways;
  • Demonstrate excellent critical thinking and have a high degree of common sense as well as independent and collaborative problem solving skills demonstrating a calmness under pressure; 
  • Although not required, it is helpful to have a background in CPR, Water Safety, First Aid, and other specialized certifications. 

Is Camp Demigod Right For YOU? (Counselors/Young Scholars): 

At Camp Demigod, we nurture the development of all CITs and campers by helping them build strong relationships, strengthen self-confidence and skills, and take on new challenges. To accomplish these goals, we rely on a staff of skilled, motivated women and men who enjoy children and the camp environment. To help you evaluate if this opportunity may be right for you, we provide the following information: 

  1. Camp Demigod counselors work very closely with many other people, especially children, and must be able to constantly manage and juggle the many different emotions, thoughts, and opinions that are expressed;
  2. Camp Demigod counselors work long hours with breaks throughout the day. Because most of our staff members live with campers, they actually are working or are on-call 24 hours a day.  The most successful counselors and faculty are those who have a strong work ethic, know when to ask for help and time off;
  3. We have a drug-free, alcohol-free and non-smoking work environment with a zero-tolerance policy. If you want to work at Camp Demigod, it is important that this fits your lifestyle; 
  4. Inappropriate verbal and physical behavior will not be tolerated;
  5. Cell phone use for CITs is limited to no more than 2 hours per day, only in the Faculty/Staff Lounge.  No electronics are allowed in the cabins.

Intern and/or Professional Chef Opportunity at Innovative Overnight Summer Camp 

The Washington CAMP DEMIGOD opportunity would involve interfacing directly with Camp Directors, Dr. Steven Berman and spouse,  Anne Deane Berman, Ph.D., Founders of DIGIVATIONS.  We are interviewing culinary student(s) and Professional Chefs to feed up to 30 adults and children as part of an overnight camp and Model United Nations international program for high school and college students. For interns, this experience would provide the student(s) with the experience of running a small restaurant.  The Professional Chef could work alone or with the help of the intern.

The culinary student(s)/Chef(s) would be responsible for planning and preparing 3 meals, 2 healthy snacks and 1 dessert per day. Individual meals are offered to campers, faculty and staff who require vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free meals.  Kosher-style (vegetarian and pescetarian) options are also available to our community, if requested.   The Chef will help to make sure all campers are making a balanced choice in food choices.  There are two kitchens in the Demigod Lodge.  Depending on experience, the successful candidate is responsible for menu planning, sourcing and ordering, inventory, cost controls and execution of meals. They would be supervised by the Camp Directors and supported by the counselors who are talented high school and college students. Successful candidates must enjoy working in a busy kitchen and working with other staff and children. There may be opportunities to teach student campers about meal planning, menu preparation, the chemistry and art of cooking and meal presentation.  

Successful candidates who enjoy the Camp location just outside of Leavenworth, WA, would have the opportunity for Professional Development and future employment with the DEMIGOD LODGE during the year (retreats, B&B, weddings, etc).  

Must have completed at least 1 year of a culinary arts program for the internship.  Professional Chef(s) must have at least 2 years professional cooking/catering experience.  Must be at least 18 years of age and pass a criminal record check and supply at least two personal and/or professional references.  Candidates who have their own car are preferred.  

Room, Board and Stipend based on experience.
Rustic accommodation, single bedroom with shared bath.  Small families welcome with adjusted stipend.  Family who can contribute to the camp in a meaningful way are appreciated and may be compensated depending on the Camp needs and the role (recreation facilitator, driver, oversee daily camp cleanup, Chef(s) assistant, etc.)

Medical Paid Internship

We are highlighting an opportunity for a medical intern (medical student, nursing student, recent nurse graduate or nurse practitioner graduate student) to undertake a paid summer internship with our 501(c)(3) non-profit NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE and its Overnight Innovation & Literary CAMP DEMIGOD.   The Camp consists of 18-25 campers in any given week where campers attend from 1-3 week sessions. There are two weekend Family Camps and a Model United Nations international program for high school and college students. CAMP DEMIGOD attracts like-minded, gifted and talented international students.

Evaluating Camper medical and personal profiles to plan a course of action before check-in at Camp concerning management of any unique medical or behavioral needs with the NP Virginia, Lester along with Founders & Directors of CAMP DEMIGOD, Drs. Steven and Anne Berman.

Assessing each Camper's health and interfacing with parents/guardians at check-in regarding evaluating overall health including behavioral before formal admission to Camp. 
Assessing medical supply needs for the Camp and other Camp medical set-up preferences including a temporary infirmary for which the intern would have key responsibility.
Dispensing and overseeing dispensing of medicines for each Camper, if necessary.
Participating in dietary decision making with the NP and Camp Directors.

Assessing Campers general health needs/Issues from time to time and collectively establishing a medical plan for any Camper who possesses or develops medical issues. Campers will be directed to the care of an external doctor or medical professional as the need arises under the Camp doctrine of safety first. 

Facilitating Camper sleep, bathing, and emotional hygiene.

Active involvement with Campers activities regarding the Camps Movement modules (hiking, swimming, tai chi/martial arts, theatrical combat, quidditch and games such as Capture the Flag).

Other Opportunities for Camp Demigod Counselors and CITs:

August DIGIVATIONS Education Ventures DAY Camps in Delta, BC (Canada), hourly pay for Lead Teachers and Teaching Assistants.   Must have Canadian status.


DIGIVATIONS celebrates its young faculty and staff!  

Clara Berman, celebrated 4 years at Camp Demigod and is graduating from Medical school in June 2019 at Pacific Northwest University College of Osteopathic Medicine.
DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Institute's Samantha Fix brings rockets to life through innovation and world building.  After 4 years as a counselor, Associate Director, received her Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Washington and is working for a defense company in Arizona.

Counselor Rowan Chappell is an environmental biologist graduating from Evergreen College in June 2019.
Junior Counselor Kaleena Ipema received a $10,000 merit scholarship to attend the University of British Columbia where she studies Art and Business.