Creative Writing and Video Competition

4 Prizes: $500 scholarships applied to full tuition to attend DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod and publication.


All scholarship recipients or their schools would receive a $15 bookstore gift certificate.


DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod’s Camp Half-Blood and Camp Fandom are pleased to announce the First Annual InnovativeXpression Creative Writing and Video Competition. This international fiction writing contest is sponsored by NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE & DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod and is split into two age categories: grades 4-7 and grades 8-12.  


Entries must be submitted through email anytime from January 1 until May 1.


Previously published works, works accepted for publication are ineligible.  Your name must appear ONLY on the cover page.

Students from grades 4-7 should submit between 500 and 2000 word stories, plays or video scripts.

Students from grades 8-12 should submit  between 2000 and 4000 word stories, plays or video scripts.

Video Submission Alternatives:

As an alternative to written expression students may submit an original
video trailer, story, or play with original mixed media art not to
exceed 3 minutes with an accompanying script for consideration.

The judges invite creative writing and/or short video in the following
genres:  SF/Fantasy (speculative fiction), Steampunk (Re-imagining the
Victorian Age with futuristic technologies), Mythologies from different
cultures (Middle-earth to Ancient Asian influences through the elements)
and Dystopian Societies (Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy).

The judges are open to mainstream and traditional works of historical
knowledge, including memoirs, narratives, compilations of documents or
compositions, creative nonfiction, and other dynamic literary styles and

How to Submit:

All submissions must be submitted via email to Submitting students must receive parental permission.

The judging criteria includes 50% for concept originality. Writing style and video production and artistic quality are important elements to the judges. The new work may be inspired by preexisting audio, video or written materials or characters, but must be original and may not contain any third party copyrighted or trademarked materials or
characters. All creators, authors, and videographers must own all copyrights in all works submitted. No third party music can be used in the videos.

DIGIVATIONS would be granted a royalty free right to distribute and publish the stories and broadcast the videos in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed on a worldwide basis. No additional compensation will be provided to the submitting students.  The judges my withhold prizes if in their opinion no submission merits the award.


In addition to receiving recognition on the DIGIVATIONS web site which is viewed by 54 countries and in its mailings - the prizes are subject to
changes and additions and may include:

Up to 4 $500 scholarships applied to full tuition to attend DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod and publication.

How to Register:

Before the work is emailed
to you must pay $20 to register. All registration fees will be applied to DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod scholarships.

All scholarship recipients or their schools would receive a $15 bookstore gift certificate.

For further information, contact 604-628-9825 or 360-543-5641 or email:

Register to Enter the Contest:

Below is the page that provides a way to pay for contest entry fees by using PayPal or a credit card.  Each submission requires $20 registration fee, so if you choose to submit two different works, there would be a $40 fee.  Please fill out the form below and then click on the PayPal button to finish your entry form process.  All works must be emailed before May 20 to
Entry for InnovativeXpression Creative Writing & Video Competition