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My favorite part was the combat because it was just something that you don’t do in a normal camp.  The people here I will always remember because I haven’t met anyone like the people at this camp, they were all pretty amazing.  It was probably the best camp I’ve ever been to.
-Emily, age 10

I can't even begin to tell you what a positive impact camp has had on Shania. It was everything she wanted and more. The first thing she said when I asked her how it went was,"We want it to be 2 weeks next year!" She's already planning to turn in soda cans to raise money for next year's tuition. She's creating minor gods on paper in great detail, and sleeping with her sword by her side. She's been talking about all the kids she met every day, and is eagerly awaiting pictures and videos on the camp blog.I'm so glad we could be a part of this pioneering adventure.
-Carolyn (First Parent to Register)

Individual campers see the multidisciplinary connections and/or build their own creative relationships among the different aspects of the camp. (For example, theatrical combat might inform their design of movement in a digital game, their concept of “turns” in an analog game, or the way they perform in a skit or in a quest; it might instead contribute thematically to a story they write, a visual art project, or the mechanics of a game they imagined.) Everything is loosely interconnected, and the experiences you offer the campers, plus how they are encouraged to choose their own ways through those experiences and given some time to integrate them into larger projects, lets them see that and develop those cross-disciplinary neuronal connections you emphasize.

-Dana, parent & visiting faculty from UCLA

All the people I met at camp were amazing.  They came all the way from across the continent to come here.  For one special reason, to find people they can relate to.

-Bryson, Age 14 Student

Last summer I had the opportunity to observe Camp Demigod in action. My daughter was begging to go to Percy Jackson's Camp Half-Blood. I found Digivations Camp Demigod on the Internet and took a leap of faith when I signed her up for a week of camp outside of Vancouver. She has been attending a 7 week sleep away camp in Pennsylvania for a number of years. Camp Demigod is on one hand a true "sleep away camp" experience but on the other hand it is unique . The kids that my daughter met shared so many common interests other than Percy Jackson. I could see her mature and gain self confidence as she realized that there were other kids that were just like her. Most kids at her school and other camps were not such avid readers or interested in science fiction shows like Doctor Who. The theme of Percy Jackson was the main thread throughout the week but there was much more. The emphasis and instruction in innovation was highly intellectual yet every child there seemed engaged. While I agree that experiencing sleep away camp has many benefits, Camp Demigod is equally as beneficial in terms of being educational. Katie made friends, shared interests and expanded her horizons. We are looking forward to more exciting week-long experiences with Anne and Steve!

-Randi, Parent from New York

My favorite part was my cabin because the people were AWESOME!

-India, Age 12 student from South Carolina

"They are the best teachers I've ever had!!!"

-Ethan, Age 12 student from Vancouver, BC

McKenzie is still riding the cloud of camp. She sure wishes school were more like camp!

-Jennifer, Parent from Washington

This camp was wonderful for Miranda and I'm sure for every child who attended.
-Mary Anne, Parent from White Rock, BC