WELCOME to Overnight Camp Fandom!

Ages 12-17

Fandomite's common interests are often fueled by stories embodied in literature such as Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series, the Hunger Games, the Leviathan or media including BBC television series' Dr. Who and Sherlock,and other series such as Avatar the Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. Movies including  Avatar and Inception also ignite Campers interests.  We have designed Camp Demigod so that your child can enjoy multiple weeks with different themes and common core of STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT. 

Camps run from Sunday through Saturday.  Saturday family tenting available each Saturday night.

Campers experience the Microsoft VIVE, bringing their own worlds to life
Camp Demigod's Campers palettes’ range from science fiction and fantasy, often referred to as speculative fiction, to steampunk where 21st century technologies are re-imagined in the 19th century. They are also passionate about quests and stories which allow them to take journeys through different cultures and times, and fields which define human origins, behavior and thought embodied in anthropology, archaeology, and ethnographics, to name a few. 

Perhaps one of the most striking  common threads our Camp Demigod Campers share is that they have amazing imaginations which allow them to mash up several different themes, intertwine current and futurist thinking with Victorian and other historical settings and inspirationally fuse original ideas with those flowing from literature and media (Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Percy Jackson, Divergent, Inception, etc.). This provides a basis for infatiguable discussion and often a flow of expressive works in the form of improvization, creative writing, music, games and film, among others. These discussions and creative works often lead to a championing of unique experiences for which Camp Demigod serves as a crucible and catalyst.