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Unheralded-Innovators Literacy Competition

CAMP DEMIGOD launches the competition with the Unheralded Women and Men Who Made a Difference Series commencing with STEM. Every prospective new camper who submits a relevant, informative and interesting 500 word essay or 5 minute video by March 31st about an unheralded  inventor, scientist, engineer, or mathematician will receive a US $200 scholarship off of current prevailing rates. Please submit essays and videos to

Register with $395 deposit and pay your remaining balance in one installment a month later.  Families are eligible for 5% off each week after the first week.  

US families who register early will be able to deduct their initial deposit from their taxes since the deposit is a donation to NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE's 501(c)3 and supports scholarships and facilities development.


Tuition covers all meals, housing, instruction, guest lectures, ImagineSTEM blog, mentoring, supervision, materials, and recreation fees.  This amount does not include transportation to and from the camp in Peshastin, WA, 10 minutes from the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, WA.    

For those students who want to specialize in an area of study, optional private or semi-private lessons may be purchased through the on-line registration system including instruction in Music Composition, Vocal Performance, Fine Art, Film Making, and Creative Writing.  Depending on the motivation of the student and their length of stay, older students who work consistently with our faculty will leave camp with a portfolio of original works that could be used as part of their college applications.  There are also options available for semi-private Martial Arts Training, Group Innovation Seminars and ESL. 

Parents may also purchase additional merchandize, such as, camp T-Shirts, Additional and Delux Swords, Personalized Costume Materials, and Camp Store Credit (to buy play Drachmas: Greek Money - any unspent balance will be donated for DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE scholarships).

There is also a family tenting option ($75) on Saturday nights.  Sign up for the dates you like.


Applying to be a Counselor-in-Training or Junior Counselor


Returning campers, ages 14-18 may apply to be Assistant CITs, CITs, and Junior Counselors.  Counselors-in-Training learn new leadership skills while they explore their academic and future vocational passions under the direct guidance of our directors and faculty.


Responsibilities include minding the health and safety of younger campers ages 9-12, as well as assisting with art/drama/academic pursuits of their choice.  This includes assisting with morning/rest hour/bedtime routines (grooming, cabin/Tipi clean up and inspection); helping to serve meals, overseeing dish and campus clean up, assisting with sports (hiking, Quidditch, Capture the Flag and river play); games (LEGO serious play, D&D, Magic the card game, Virtual Realty experiences-Oculus Rift/VIVE); performance and quest preparations (story-line, costume and weapon design); and dances.    


There are three levels of leadership:


Assistant CIT (must be at least 14 years old). Tuition for 2 weeks is $1800.


CIT (ages 15-16, depending on experience, selection usually requires at least 1 year of Camp Demigod experience as a camper). Tuition for 2 weeks is $1400.


Junior Counselor (ages 15-18, significant experience showing leadership and responsibility for children at Camp Demigod or other camp experience).  Tuition for 2 weeks is $1000.


Reduced tuition covers all meals, housing, instruction, semi-private lessons of their choice (a $95 per week value), guest lectures, mentoring, supervision, materials, and recreation fees. This amount does not include transportation to and from the camp located just outside Leavenworth, WA.




Before you register your child, please ask the prospective CIT to answer these questions so that you can include their essays in the registration questionnaire.


1) SHORT ANSWER: Why do you want to be an Assistant CIT,  CIT, or Junior Counselor and what leadership experiences have you had over the last few years?


2) EXPERIENCE: Provide detailed information regarding your community service and/or work experience with children.  Highlight your DIGIVATIONS intern, counselor or teaching experience.  Describe any recognition you have received while working with children.


3) PERSONAL NARRATIVE:  Please provide a brief personal narrative which describes your interests, most significant challenges and how you addressed them, and your future goals, and what actions you are taking to achieve your them.