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Camp Demigod is designed and operated by the Berman family:  Anne, Clara, Jacob and Steve

The Camp Demigod Institute experience encompasses self-exploration in an environment which attracts like minded people from throughout the world. Our Demigods immerse themselves in experiential activities; positive, innovative, kinesthetic and disruptive world changing projects; and imaginative and creative design thinking and making. Demigods also share physical challenges in nature, whether they are climbing Demigod Lodge’s private mountain shared only with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, water rafting, tubing or paddle boarding through the Wenatchee River, creating survival tools such as bows and arrows and other tactical weapons, playing capture the flag, QUIDDITCH, or other field games in a serene and private setting or developing self-confidence through our theatrical combat and martial arts programs. 

We have designed Camp Demigod so that your child can enjoy multiple weeks with different themes and common core of STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT.

Participants, regardless of age, positively challenge each other, and engage in a full array of personalized programs which are cutting edge, relevant and designed to enhance each persons’ capabilities in innovation, the arts, humanities including story and play writing and theatrical performance and combat. While each Demigod challenges themselves, they are inspired by each other, Counselors-in-Training, world class faculty and external visiting experts from a variety of professions. Demigods learn leadership and mentorship through example and by doing.  

Camp Demigod builds on core family values, and through both personalized and group learning and action, each demigod creates their own guided personal experience with both peers and experts. These experiences are priceless as demigods’ build lifetime friendships with others, enhance self-confidence, learn and demonstrate respect for self and others through a diverse array of intellectual and kinesthetic pursuits, and positively develop their integrity, ethics, and internal drive and passion in pursuit of excellence acquiring leadership and mentorship talents. 

Another fundamental benefit of the Camp Demigod experience is that each demigod finds their inner voice and improves their ability to express  themselves. These achievements involve Demigods engaging their multiple senses and refining their unique talents as writers, artists, musicians, theatrical performers, athletes, innovators, makers, and imagineers.

More About Fandoms:

DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod’s Camp Half-Blood and Camp Fandom are a blend of world building through innovation, role playing and speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy and steampunk) which we also refer to as the "Innovation Bakery." These Camps are based on the principles that kids have an enormous reservoir of creativity and innovative ideas which they look forward to sharing with other like-minded individuals who hold common interests.

At Harry Potter Camp, Demigod’s escape into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and learn about the potions, flying and magical beasts of JK Rowling’s series. Campers learn the chemistry of and make potions, the physics and fantasy behind magic including theories of flight and the "right stuff" behind the Nimbus 2000, as they play Quidditch. We introduce basic concepts of genetics to learn about the different traits and qualities of the beasts that wonder the Halls of Demigod Lodge’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (including werewolves, dementors and banshees). Along with the sciences, the art of making wands and the lessons behind spells will be important. Campers will also make costumes and write their own Harry Potter story chapters.

Camp Demigod's Campers palettes’ range from science fiction and fantasy, often referred to as speculative fiction, to steampunk where 21st century technologies are re-imagined in the 19th century. They are also passionate about quests and stories which allow them to take journeys through different cultures and times, and fields which define human origins, behavior and thought embodied in anthropology, archaeology, and ethnographics, to name a few.

Perhaps one of the most striking  common threads our Camp Demigod Campers share is that they have amazing imaginations which allow them to mash up several different themes, intertwine current and futurist thinking with Victorian and other historical settings and inspirationally fuse original ideas with those flowing from literature and media. This provides a basis for infatiguable discussion and often a flow of expressive works in the form of improv, creative writing, music, games and film, among others. These discussions and creative works often lead to a championing of unique experiences for which Camp Demigod serves as a crucible and catalyst.

All this boils down to FUN for our Campers since Camp Demigod provides a unique haven where kids are afforded an opportunity to express themselves among peers while learning, collaborating and creating life long bonds. Significantly, Camp Demigod serves as a well spring of new social networks, and corresponding future Mentors and Leaders.