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Steven Lee Berman, BS/Advanced Graduate Work Engineering (Materials & Computation); J.D. (IP/Entertainment Law emphasis)  

Board Director, Co-Founder & CEO, Academic for the following enterprises:





Overnight Innovation & Literary CAMP DEMIGOD


Co-Founded a STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT K-20 creative learning lab, federal 501(c)(3) non-profit Educational Organization and Innovation & Literary Summer Institute for Talented & Gifted youth dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators which was awarded peer reviewed NASA Summer of Innovation grants. DIGIVATIONS™ offers K-20 programming with a focus on fostering youth and professionals through the Singularity Era.

Established, Jointly Manage & Program a Singularity era institute dedicated to educating and preparing youth and training professionals to address the opportunities and solve the challenges facing society arising from exponential disruption of diverse industries and institutions.


Advise universities, government entities including funding agencies and Fortune 1000 companies regarding sustainable technology commercialization and resulting new business opportunities.

Apply more than a decade of experience with the University of California, as well as BC, Canada based and other universities in designing new ventures and solutions.

Develop multi-stakeholder research and innovation commercialization programs, and serve as a technology, business and legal expert regarding a diverse array of new discoveries and technologies. Technology expertise includes, for example, advanced computing (cloud, analytics, cognitive/AI), synthetic biology and genetics, energy, sustainability and associated intelligent infrastructure; novel materials; medical devices and imaging; and Transformative Media (new media content and technology at the intersection of social media/user generated, games, and traditional media).

Advise clients regarding the raising of significant funds for and crafting of a diversity of academic and entrepreneurial ventures.

Create STEM programming which leads to novel exploration of local problems and resulting technology commercialization.

Writing a book about preparing through shifting educational and experiential paradigms the “Exponential Generations” for the opportunities and industries of tomorrow.

Launching a 24 * 7 educational news network.

Anne Deane Berman, PhD, Founder of NASA Award Winning DIGIVATIONS™ Education Ventures and Vice President of its non-profit 501(c)(3) DIGIVATIONS™ CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE (see Advisory Board)   Read more about Anne...

Edward Buendia, Point Roberts, WA, DIGIVATIONS™ Camp Demigod Artist and Faculty (2013-present), Founder of Artistas Del Barrio, Eyes of the Innocent (a children’s art program) and Point Roberts Arts Foundation; Director of the Point Roberts Children's Arts Festival. He has created more than 60 images in collaboration with DIGIVATIONS founders, including for our Rocketry Playbook and Sphere of Influence Game.  He teaches drawing and painting.  

Robert Macdougall (2014-present), DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Martial Arts and Theatrical Combat faculty member.  From Seattle, WA, Robert is an award winning Fight Director, Stunt Coordinator, Movement Teacher and Martial Arts Instructor.  His fight direction has been seen in theaters, and live stunt shows, on five continents.   Read more...

Charis Martin, Visiting Young Scholar, Counselor and DIGIVATIONS Day Camp-Half Blood Visiting Young Scholar is an Ancient History student at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.  She credits growing up on the island of Cyprus, steeped in Greek culture and mythology, with nurturing her love for the ancient world and the tales that formed and inspired it.  She has spent six years working with children from the ages of three to fifteen and loves the opportunity to share her knowledge with them and see them develop interests of their own. Her own interests include writing original stories and fan fiction, reading, sailing, scuba-diving, archery and acting.  She also speaks Greek and often attempts cooking traditional Greek foods.  Having participated in overnight camps since the age of six, she is very excited to meet other campers, share her love for mythology with them and have the opportunity to work with children in a fun and dynamic environment.

John Nordinger, MFA Writer and Producer at Large

DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Creative Writing and Film Faculty.  After a successful high tech career, John earned an MFA in Cinematic Arts from USC and has embarked on a new life as a technologist and storyteller with a social conscience.  Read more...

Larry Tuch, DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Creative Writing & Scripted Spaces Faculty (2013-present).  Larry (Los Angeles, CA) is a writer and creative consultant working in the areas of traditional, interactive and themed entertainment. He has written for prime time network television series and worked as a freelance writer and interactive designer for Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Imagineering.   Read more...

Junior Faculty
Morgan Grody, Theatrical Combat Assistant and Counselor. Born and raised in the East Bay of Northern California,Morgan pursued Acting and Dancing with Young Actors Workshop and the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company during his adolescence. He moved to Seattle in 2010 to attend Cornish College of the Arts, graduating with a BFA in Theater, Original Works. Morgan has worked as a Dance Instructor for Destiny Arts Center, and a Teacher's assistant for Stage Combat at Cornish College of the Arts.
Virginia Lester, RN, MSN, ARNP, DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Nurse Practitioner (2013-present) Point Roberts, WA has more than 35 years experience as a Nurse Practitioner and director of clinics in both California and most recently developed and managed the Point Roberts Clinic.  She developed and managed the Nurse Practitioner program at California State University Fresno. She was on several different national committees helping to develop the health care plan under the Clinton Administration, the precursor to Obama Care. 
Bryson Stoughton, DIGIVATIONS Day Camp Teaching Assistant and Camp Demigod Junior Counselor, began as a homeschool DIGIVATIONS student more than 3 years ago.  He  volunteered as an intern for a year in after school programs.  He attended Camp Demigod in 2013 and returns in August of this summer to help create the World's First Camp Fandom.  Additionally, he will be a teaching assistant for various LEGO+ARTS and Camp Half-Blood day camps in Ladner and Tsawwassen.  When he's not learning with DIGIVATIONS, he's busy acting in Shakespeare plays, making films as a member of the Delta School District Film Academy, and helping take care of more than 40 horses at his families stable business.