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Camp Demigod's world-class Directors, Advisors and Faculty each have between 20-30 years of distinguished service and expertise in their respective fields: creative writing, design thinking, film, humanities (ancient civilizations, anthropology, ethnographic, mythology, languages, among others), innovation, martial arts, music, STEM, and theatre/theatrical combat.


Steven Lee Berman, BS/Advanced Graduate Work Engineering (Materials & Computation); J.D. (IP/Entertainment Law emphasis)  

Board Director, Co-Founder & CEO, Academic for the following enterprises:




Overnight Innovation & Literary CAMP DEMIGOD/DEMIGOD LODGE

Co-Founded a STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT K-20 creative learning lab, federal 501(c)(3) non-profit Educational Organization and Innovation & Literary Summer Institute for Talented & Gifted youth dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators which was awarded peer reviewed NASA Summer of Innovation grants. DIGIVATIONS™ offers K-20 programming with a focus on fostering youth and professionals through the Singularity Era.  Read more about Steve.

Anne Deane Berman, PhD, BM Composition from Oberlin Conservatory of Music and an MA/PhD Composition & Computer Music from UC Santa Barbara

Board Director, Co-Founder & Vice President, Academic for the following enterprises:



DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE Washington State non-profit


Overnight Innovation & Literary CAMP DEMIGOD/DEMIGOD LODGE Leavenworth, WA

Dr. Anne's career spans more than twenty years in the fields of education, arts and technology centered on innovation. Formerly Anne was a faculty member at UCSB’s Technology Management Program, University of British Columbia’s School of Music, Iowa State University’s Virtual Reality Applications Center where she was one of the founding faculty members of the graduate degree program in Human Computer Interface.  Read more about Anne's background.
Keith Caram, (New York, New York) DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod 2017 & 2018 Assistant Creative Director, is a New York City-based Actor and Musician.  He is a recent graduate of the Syracuse University Department of Drama with a BFA in Acting.  Keith spent six months touring the nation as Percy Jackson in the Off-Broadway musical The Lightning Thief. Recent credits include:  A Comedy of Heirors (Turn to Flesh Productions), The Guy - PINWHEEL (Random Access Theater Co.), Jack - In the Woods We Return (NYC Fringe), Philip Drudge - Annabel Drudge (Syracuse Stage), and Georg - Spring Awakening (Syracuse University). 
Bryson Stoughton, (Ladner, British Columbia) DIGIVATIONS Instructor and Camp Demigod 2017 Junior Counselor, began as a homeschool DIGIVATIONS student more than 7 years ago.  He  volunteered as an intern for two years in after school programs.  He attended Camp Demigod in 2013, and in 2017 he helped to create the World's First Harry Potter Camp as a Junior Counselor.  Additionally, he is an instructor for winter programs day camps in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.  When he's not learning with DIGIVATIONS, he is a national leader in Scouts Canada where he has received much recognition for his leadership and his training in emergency aid skills.  He is a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club in Ladner.  Last year, he acted in Shakespeare plays, made films as a member of the Delta School District Film Academy.  He works with his family to take care of more than 40 horses at their stable business.
Jacob Berman (Sunnyvale, CA and Leavenworth, WA) is the son of the founders of Camp Demigod and Literary Camps STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum. I want to create camps based on the principle that kids have an enormous reservoir of creativity and innovative ideas which they can share with other like-minded kids with common interests. My parents consult with me on most aspects of creating the camp each summer, from cabins, food, recreation, curriculum, camp store, hiring counselors to meeting potential faculty.

Over the past 5 years, I have learned from Camp Demigod faculty who are uniquely talented in the arts, literature and humanities, innovation, science (biology, biomimicry, genetics, sustainability, rocketry), technology (analog and digital games and programming, cognitive analytics (singularity), intelligent infrastructure and transportation), engineering, and theatrical combat and martial arts.  For the last several years, I have also been an intern and teaching assistant for the Canadian DIGIVATIONS Education Ventures after school, day camps and homeschool programs. My world view and interests are the result of my experiences at Camp and DIGIVATIONS.  

I am freshman at Kehilla Jewish High School in Palo Alto, CA where I am the Co-Editor of the Student newspaper.  In February, I participated in the west coast Model United Nations conference in San Jose, CA as a member of the Cuba delegation.  In December, I earned two 3rd place Karate trophies in my belt class for Kata and Sparring at the Z-Ultimate National Championship Tournament.   
Kaleena Ipema (Tsawassen, British Columbia) was a camper at the overnight Camp Demigod for two years before she became Junior Counselor last summer. Her passion for reading led her first to explore the world of Percy Jackson, and ultimately discover the DIGIVATIONS institute. Since her enrolment with DIGIVATIONS she has made longstanding friendships and connections and feels that her positive experiences at the camp have had a major impact on her personal growth and development. A high school student in British Columbia, her interests include art, music, acting and writing, much of which she contributes to guiding camp activities. Kaleena enjoys working with young campers and especially loves painting the Greek mythology-inspired banners and drawing Percy Jackson-inspired characters alongside the demigods.  

Ella Veljovich (Mercer Island, WA) currently attends Mercer Island High School as a junior (11th grade) and also attends classes part time at Bellevue College through the Running Start program. She plays soccer for Mercer Island High School and Mercer Island Football Club and loves yoga, spending time with her dog and family, and watching Marvel movies with friends. Ella is also a member of National Charity League (NCL), a volunteer organization which promotes mother-daughter relationships and leadership development as well as volunteerism. She is currently co-owner and co-manager of HelpEduc8 LLC, a non-profit bulk school supplies distributer for Islander Middle School that donates 100% of profits to aiding youth worldwide. Ella first joined Camp Demigod in the summer of 2017 as a CIT and loves the open, accepting environment, along with its goal to empower young individuals. Camp offers flexibility and allows individuality and creativity to shine. Ella is passionate about animals, feminism, human rights, and the environment, as well as the encouragement of empathy in our world. 


Nathan Senyard (Ladner, British Columbia) has been attending Digivations ever since he was 9 years old, and as he has grown up, he has become an invaluable part of the Digivations team. He has a love of fiction and writing, and is eager to share these interests with anyone willing to listen. He's constantly in motion when running camps, making sure that campers always have something fun to occupy their time with. When he's not working at Digivations, he can be found reading books, practicing his guitar or riding his bike around the neighbourhood.


Emily Grunert (Orville, WA) has been a camper at Camp Demigod since her love of Percy Jackson led her to the discovery of the camp the first year it was established. Summer of 2017 was her first year as a C.I.T. "I've had so many great experiences at camp and they're something I'll always carry close to my heart." She feels like Camp Demigod has had a big part in her life and helping her be more confident, open minded, and independent. Emily attends Oroville High School and is part of National Junior Honor Society, Girl Scouts, Upward Bound, and is a passionate clarinet player among many other things. She's always looking for new experiences and loves learning new things. Emily loves reading, science, music, helping younger campers, and making people smile. She hopes that she can make the Camp Demigod experience just as magical for the campers as it was when she first stepped onto camp grounds.
Michelle Gerez (Calgary, Alberta) has a natural curiosity and interest in life, and hopes to make the world a better place for all. She is currently passionate about reading, writing, singing, acting and martial arts, although that could change in the flash of a moment as a shiny new idea catches her attention. She values all of her friendships (online, school and Digivations) very highly. She has been going to Digivations for two summers as a camper, which has provided a nurturing setting for her personal growth and helped her overcome a painful shyness, and where she developed a love for writing . She wants to share her energy, enthusiasm with life and wry sense of humor with Digivations campers, to help them discover their real potential (and to have lots of fun!).
Derron Mendel (Palo Alto, CA) 
Tomas Portillo (Mexico City, Mexico) loved his Digivations Camp experience. He comes to camp from Mexico and enjoys learning about other campers' culture as well as sharing his own. He also enjoys reading, photography, video games, snakes, memes and puns. When he´s not at camp, he practices Okinawa karate and is currently 6th kyu (advanced purple belt). He looks forward to helping other campers have a wonderful time at Digivations, and making great memories and new friends.
Larysa Ipema (Tsawwassen, BC)
Delia Mechem-Miller (Mercer Island, WA)
Max Fischel (Mercer Island, WA)

Edward Buendia, Point Roberts, WA, DIGIVATIONS™ Camp Demigod Artist and Faculty (2013-present), is the Founder and Creator of the non-profit “Eyes of the Innocent” children’s art program. Since 1975, he has taught over 3,000 children and adults in fine arts. In addition to his expert teaching, he has a long history of establishing and collaborating on the development of socially valuable multi-disciplinary artistic initiatives. In the 1970s, he founded Artistas Del Barrio, a collective of muralists in Southern California whose murals have taken on historical significance and influenced generations of muralists.

He studied art at Florida State University and spent a year at Oxford University in 1988. In the early 90’s, he was one of the first Commissioners to serve on the City of Indio Arts Council in the Coachella Valley. In 1996, he co-founded the Point Roberts Washington Arts Foundation and the Point Roberts Arts & Music Festival.

Since December 2010, he has created over a hundred images in collaboration with NASA Award Winning DIGIVATIONS Institute‘s Co-Founders Steven Lee Berman and Anne Deane Berman, PhD/ These images include illustrations for their Rocketry Playbook, Sphere of Influence Game, and the world’s first overnight Camp Demigod as well as several logos. He teaches drawing and painting as a faculty member of the DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE .

His work has been purchased by private collectors around the world and he has an ever-growing circle of fans and admirers, from gang members to millionaires, priests to politicians. Edward Buendia has shown in Palm Springs, California and the Pacific Northwest. He has successfully worked with children in the mainstream public school system as well as Autistic children.

A graduate of the art program at University of Oxford–Christ Church College, United Kingdom, Edward’s artwork is permanently stored, and on display in Ashmolean museum of Art and Archaeology University of Oxford, displayed beside the work of DaVinci and Michelangelo. As well as an art piece in the White House, this art piece is a part of the White House art collection.

Robert Macdougall (2014-present), DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Martial Arts and Theatrical Combat faculty member. 
Stage Combat: 
Robert Macdougall is an actor, stuntman/stunt coordinator, and award winning Fight Director whose work has been seen internationally on both stage and film. He has choreographed fights involving weapons as diverse as bullwhips and bowie knives, broadswords and battle axes, rapiers and daggers, dueling pistols and maching guns, as well as Asian weapons from China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and India. He is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors, Society of Australian Fight Directors, and Communitas Gladii (Germany). 
As Fight Director he has worked at theaters nationwide and around the world, including Seattle Repertory Theater, Bathouse Theater, A.C.T. Seattle, Empty Space, Seattle Opera, Tacoma Opera, Dallas Shakespeare Festival, Artemis Theater Company, Harlequin Theater Company, Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Changing Scene, Seattle Shakespeare, Seattle Children's Theater, Shakespeare in the Grass Touring Company, Central Coast Shakespeare Company, as well as Adams St Theater, Edinburgh, Scotland;  Salzburger Landestheater, Salzburg, and Theater Reichenhau, Vienna, in  Austria;  Theater Ravensburg,  Cafe Des Gruaens, and Theater An Der Rott, in Germany; Leo Foo Park in Taiwan (ROC);  Phuket Fantasea, Phuket, and Alankarn Theater, Jomtiem in Thailand. 
He has done residencies, master classes, and served on faculties of educational institutions, and actor training academies worldwide including, National Theater Conservatory, University of Washington, University of California, Dallas Theater Center, University of New Mexico, University of Montana, University of Arizona, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Case Western Reserve University, Naropa Institute in the USA; University of Victoria, Canada: as well as the Actors Conservatory, Australia,  Marymount College, Great Britain, Athanor Akademie, Germany. In the USA he has also worked with artist in schools programs in California, Montana, Colorado, and Alaska. He has served on the Board of Directors of the United Stuntman's Association, and has taught at the International Stunt School. He is co-founder of Shakespeare Plus, and Proteus Theater Company in the USA, and founder of Sword and the Play Stage Combat Workshops in the USA and Germany. 
He is a recipient of the "Patrick Crean Award" and the "Presidents Award for Excellence", from the Society of American Fight Directors, and 3 time recipient of the "People's Choice" awards for fight directing. 
He has performed as actor, action choreographer/advisor,  stuntman, and/or served as stunt coordinator on over 35 film and television productions, in the USA, Thailand, and Germany including Northern ExposureTwin PeaksHighlanderDrugstore CowboyDogfightBlack Circle Boys, and Get Carter.
Robert is a lifelong martial artist and teacher, and holds senior rankings in several systems. He is a Senior Instructor, and serves on the Council of Elders for the Amerindo Martial Arts System (Indonesian Pentjak Silat). He has taught martial arts classes and conducted seminars throughout the USA as well, as  Thailand, Taiwan, and Germany. He has taught close quarter combat, and knife offensive and defensive tactics to members of various law enforcement organizations including Seattle Police Department, FBI, Port Security Units of US Coast Guard, and the Royal Thai Police.

QiGong/Taijiquan (Chi Kung/Tai Chi Ch’uan)
Robert Macdougall, has studied, practiced, and taught martial arts his entire life, and holds senior rankings in several systems. He has trained in Yang and Chen style Taijiquan; and is a Senior Disciple in the HunYuan Hsing Yi Chen Style Taijiquan School.  QiGong practice is a series of simple exercise practiced for improved health, and mental clarity. Various of these patterns have developed and proved effective over hundreds of years. Workshops in QiGong contain several simple patterns of movement performed while standing in loose comfortable clothing. Many of these exercises can also be practiced sitting in a sturdy chair. Many of the patterns are derived from the Taijiquan (Tai Chi Ch’uan) forms, and others help to increase ability to perform within the Taiji forms…

QiGong practice enhances one’s connection to the earth by improving balance, and reducing tension through the shoulders, neck, back and pelvis. When settling the body the mind can then attain a quiet contemplative state. When the mind is quiet, and becomes less encumbered by the day to day distractions, the intention for practice becomes clearer. This intention can then lead the body into a greater state of relaxation, and quiet balance. Balance not only in the traditional sense of standing clearly and up right, but balance between the different parts of the body; between Right and Left sides, between shoulders and hips, between the back of the neck and the lower back, between the two hands. QiGong practice  has been shown to increase mental clarity, and energy levels in the body, even to the point of reducing the effects of Chronic Fatigue. Practice of the simple patterns contained within the QiGong sets of movements, in studies have been shown to help increase O2 absorption leading to increase health by oxygenating the blood, and increasing levels of nutrition flowing throughout the body. In addition, QiGong practice has aided in reducing effects and eliminating  joint inflammation like Arthritis.   Practicing of QiGong will train, and make clearer the supportive relationship between the mind and the body, the different parts of the body, and build the various parts of the circulatory, neuro-musclular, and all the other internal functioning systems of the body. 

Practice of these patterns is suitable for young and old. Both the healthy and challenged, and the novice and experienced, will find benefit from the practice of these QiGong exercises..

Larry Tuch, DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Creative Writing & Scripted Spaces Faculty (2013-present).  Larry (Los Angeles, CA) is a writer and creative consultant working in the areas of traditional, interactive and themed entertainment. He has written for prime time network television series and worked as a freelance writer and interactive designer for Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Imagineering.   Read more...

Morgan Grody, Theatrical Combat Assistant and Counselor. Born and raised in the East Bay of Northern California,Morgan pursued Acting and Dancing with Young Actors Workshop and the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company during his adolescence. He moved to Seattle in 2010 to attend Cornish College of the Arts, graduating with a BFA in Theater, Original Works. Morgan has worked as a Dance Instructor for Destiny Arts Center, and a Teacher's assistant for Stage Combat at Cornish College of the Arts.
Virginia Lester, RN, MSN, ARNP, DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Nurse Practitioner (2013-present) Point Roberts, WA has more than 35 years experience as a Nurse Practitioner and director of clinics in both California and most recently developed and managed the Point Roberts Clinic.  She developed and managed the Nurse Practitioner program at California State University Fresno. She was on several different national committees helping to develop the health care plan under the Clinton Administration, the precursor to Obama Care.